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Barril de Vino DOP Yecla



Yecla, rooted in viticulture and winemaking that have marked its landscape, culture and personality of the people, today coexists with a major furniture industry.

Designation of Origin is made only with the lands of the municipality of Yecla, located north of the District of Highlands, northeast of the Region of Murcia, in southeastern Spain.

It was the 15 May 1975, when the Ministry of Agriculture awarded the PDO to this earth and adopted its first regulation. It is from this moment, when a slow revolution promoted by small private wineries and cooperatives with the use of new technologies, began production of red wines of great quality that have placed this designation of origin in a privileged position and with a great future.

Protected Designation of Origin Yecla is a dynamic appellation, with great export potential, since about 95% of its production is sold outside Spain, is present in over 40 countries worldwide.

This wine tradition has been maintained over the centuries, resulting in a consolidated and important winemaking industry with a production of about 9,000,000 liters of wine annually covered. 



Historia Yecla



Yecla wine receives the Phoenicians and continues to expand in Roman times. The archaeological remains found in the place de la Fuente del Pinar show important structures related to winemaking during the Roman occupation dated between the I and III centuries (cur memory. Archaeological D. Liborio Ruíz).

Are abundant vineyards are Arabs when they come to our lands from the eighth century, the culture of consumption of fruit and remains unfermented grape juice. It is in the sixteenth century that we find the first data of the existence of vineyards in the general statistics Spain by Royal Charter and was issued in brown in 1575, which is considered Bodega Mayor wine production in this area, according to the chronicles of Felipe II.

Although it was not until the second half of the nineteenth century when the vineyards grew to occupy all its current territory. This expansion was aided by the arrival in the area of ​​French merchants.



Vinos de Yecla, Monastrell y otras variedades



O.D. Yecla uses a wide variety of wine styles, although mainly produces red wines, which are based on the variety Monastrell alone or with other approved varieties, specific varietal Syrah, Merlot, Petit Verdot are also produced is obtained.

Yecla wines are characterized by their diversity, where balance, aromatic intensity and great fruit concentration predominates.


  • White wine +

    White grapes most commonly used in the manufacture of wines of the DO are Macabeo, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo, along with traditional Airen usually in blends, are wines that stand out for their high aromatic potential, reminiscent of flowers and fruits very fresh bright and airy, light-colored pale yellow with green iridescence to golden yellow in the mouth are lightweight, persistent and good acidity.
  • Rosé wine +

    Wines are made mainly from our local variety Monastrell, fermented in the absence of grape skins are wines with good aromatic red fruit intensity, a pink, raspberry and cherry with purple hues, are fresh, tasty and balanced on the palate.
  • Red wine +

    Both young wines such as breeds are alone or with other approved varieties Monastrell variety as a base. These wines are upper middle layer purplish cherry with garnet tones are aromatically intense and complex with balsamic aromas, spices, minerals and different notes of red fruits on the palate is fleshy, warm, tannic and soft, very balanced and very abstract, characteristics that prints Monastrell in our land.
  • Liquor Wine +

    Are red wines made from Monastrell, very special. They are made with added-wine in fermentation, which causes remain halfway processing of sugar to alcohol. They have a great aromatic burden raisins, dates and red fruit jam, very high layer and red-garnet color with violet hints in palate is creamy, tasty and very long finish.
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